Roman Ruins


  • Wow – the Romans had central heating! These are not giant toadstools at Chedworth Roman Villa!
  • This is the only remaining outer wall of the Arena (Amphitheatre) in Verona, Italy. Quite a climb, which affords wonderful views of the interior of the Arena.
  • Housesteads Fort, near Hadrain’s wall in England is a larger site than I had anticipated. A blustery day and very open to the elements.
  • This is a fine example of mosaic flooring at the Roman Baths in Bath, England, with the colours so well preserved.


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Chedworth Roman Villa, England

Only remaining outer wall,Arena (Amphitheatre) Verona, Italy

Housesteads Fort near Hadrian’s Wall, England

Mosaic Floor at Roman Baths, Bath, England