Royal Residencies


  • Balmoral has been in the Royal family since the time of Queen Victoria. It was disappointing to me in that very few rooms are available to view.  If you visit, it is mainly parkland that you will see.  Various memorials and cairns exist in the park, together with one for John Brown, which was, after the death of Queen Victoria, removed to the outskirts of the park by the then King Edward VII.
  • The Castle of Mey in Caithness, Scotland, was the home that the Queen Mother bought following the death of her husband King George VI. It really is as far away from London as she could go and is so remote.  I so enjoyed my visit there that I viewed the interior of the castle twice in one day, and had attendants asking me “Haven’t I seen you before?”!
  • Sandringham in Norfolk is very much a family home and is where the Royal family celebrate Christmas and New Year. It is open and “airy”, with plenty of light.  The “weighing stool” amused me!  It was used during the time of King Edward VII to weigh guests on arrival and again on departure.  A good host would ensure any guests had gained weight by the time they leave!
  • Glamis Castle in Scotland was the childhood home of the Late Queen Mother, having been in the family since 1372.



Balmoral Castle, Scotland

Castle of Mey, Caithness, Scotland, The Late Queen Mother’s home

Sandringham, Norfolk, England

Glamis Castle, Scotland, childhood home of the Late Queen Mother