Wonderful Wildlife


  • Dartmoor Ponies, Devon – These ponies are being well cared for at a Sanctuary in Devon. There are also miniature ponies at the Sanctuary – delightful!
  • On seeing the highland cattle grazing in the field next to the car park where I had parked, I couldn’t resist taking this photograph. I talked quietly to this one, asking him to keep still while I focused on his nose!  He happily obliged, seemingly mesmerised by my voice!  As soon as I had taken the photograph he ran off, startled by someone who had just driven up and was shouting to her friends that she was going to take his picture – he decided otherwise!
  • “Resting time on the Isle of Skye” was taken from a boat with a powerful zoom lens.
  • These otters are playing at a Sanctuary in Devon. Increasingly, they are being returned to the wild.


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Dartmoor Ponies, Devon, England

Highland Cattle, Scotland

Resting time on the Isle of Skye

Otters Playing